Photography is all about the love. Love for textures, shapes, light, places, moments and people. Whether you place yourself in the comfort of your own private home, a relaxing atmosphere of an interior or a loud group of people celebrating you, we will be the perfect fit as far as you are brave to say: FUCK IT, I’M GONNA DO IT MY WAY.

Drawn by stories hidden behind each and every face,  curious alchemy being born when strangers meet, a sense of childlike intrigue I photograph.  Embracing life. Searching for balance.

You can not plan life. But you can strive.

You can strive for meaningful moments, relationships that can withstand time.

You can strive to make every detail immortal.

Pairing the entrepreneur life  with personal attitude through the visual reportage which is meant to be timeless.

Believing that life is all about experiences: of disappointment, defeat, passion, ambition, loneliness, strength of single, power of partnership, creating community, awareness of your body and mind…  Coming to help you celebrate every moment, which matter and is valuable for you, as a person. Striving to be a storyteller of your personal journey.