Keen to work with people who are brave enough to say “well, thanks, I’m gonna do it my way” and then just do it, whether you desire something traditional or modern, hidden gem or huge celebration with your  freaking awesome friends, I will be up to the moon with you being consistent with who you truly are.
I specialize in documentary wedding photography, my style is moody and the photos are real.
Besides running multiple crazy ideas in parallel dimensions I spend my time on talking to my plants and singing to my dog as he is the only one who loves me enough to stand it. I can’t dance. But I constantly jump. My boyfriend Thor says it counts.
I love people, stories hidden behind each and every face, scent of the sea and hot sand between toes, hot coffee with milk, diversity of the world,  rays of the sun and nightlife in the city. I’m also detail oriented design freak…
I mean if I were Gollum, instead of the ring I would have grabbed in my hands all the little things that make up the final style of Your celebration, still whispering „My precious!” (yep, I’m a non-girly type of gal, so what?).


photos: Thais Reis Fry