I love people, stories hidden behind each and every face, scent of the sea and hot sand between toes, my dog, hot coffee with milk, diversity of the mountains, travels, rays of the sun and nightlife in the city. If I were Gollum, instead of the ring I would have grabbed in my hands all the little things that make up the final style of Your celebration, still whispering „My precious!” (yep, I also like „The Lord of the Rings”).

I can’t wait to tell Your story!
I love it when in the morning you sit on the grass while the city wakes up, when you walk barefoot through the streets of London, when you lazily drag on the sofa in your home and when you drink Moroccan coffee in the middle of noisy marketplace, when hidden in the silence of a wooden cottage in a small village near Stockholm you make fire in the fireplace , I love it when you dance on the street during New York rush hour and at the Cuban bar at night, and when you stand surrounded by lava fields waiting for the aurora. I love when you are yourself.