How strange it is to travel to other places and find them close, in the resounding space where you can get lost together only. It is a paradise to see a smile in someone’s face and recognize it, to meet a stranger and find them non invasive in the most intimate moments.

We are greeted by the priest, in front of a small black church in Budir, it seems homely, despite the cold wind knocking to the windows and the raindrops falling on each of us skin like needles. Remote and charming old church remains popular Icelandic elopement location on Snaefellsnes Peninsula, West Iceland. Often times chosen only as a background for wedding photos Budir Black Church is not only a remaining of the past. Known for its beauty Black Church is a mekka for those, who wants to experience spiritual ceremony, regardless their religion. The church is still used to this day, both for traditional church events for the parish, but also for other events like destination weddings, music events, and storytelling to name a few.” 


Black Church – magical Iceland wedding ceremony

Surrounded by the lava fields, which gives this rough contrast for the wedding photos, Budakirkja smells like candles and wood. Not surprising, local priest is handing over two candles to the couple during the ceremony, tall, slim are held in cold hands carefully. It is quiet, it is moody, it is romantic and simply magical. Two flames are giving a gold glow on their faces, dancing in the darkness, all just to think about the obstacles, fears and selfishness and to blow it away, let it go, in order to start new life together.



The Black Church at Budir – unforgettable wedding experience

I never know how the ceremony in Budakirkja will look like, sometimes I’m knocking to the doors and being asked to ring the bell in the belfry, other time there is a music played out loud accompanying us when we enter and the lyrics are describing the weather which we experience on this day… Every single time , the priest who is the church keeper, Arnaldur Máni Finnsson, is creating truly unforgettable experience. Fun fact: he can be also seen in a music video by our Eurovision representative, Daði Freyr and his band Gagnamagnið, can you believe it?



Hotel Budir wedding

Búðahraun fields changes in the autumn time, exploding with variety of colors of its 130 different plant species and are definitely one of the reasons why it is worth to get married at Búðakirkja, as black church in Iceland is called. Another may be that its location is a perfect fit for those who wants to elope in the most reclusive area and suitable for those, who seek for a unique place to stay or to celebrate afterwards with closest ones, as right at the foot of the hill on which this old church is located, you will find Hotel Budir, which is on my list of top wedding venues in Iceland.



Wedding photos at Budir Black Church

Oceanic waves, seals, tiny waterfalls, fisherman villages, lava fields, golden beaches and a Snæfellsjökull glacier – elope in Black Church in Budir and drive through the West Coast. Visit black sand beach Djúpalónssandur with Gattklettur, colorful Stykkisholmur, basalt towers of Gerðuberg, Berserkjahraun lava fields… But, unless you are huge Game of Thrones fan, skip Kirkjufell-it is way smaller than you think!




Elopements have their own magic. There is an excitement waiting in every minute.  There is unknown behind every turn on the road. There is just the two of them. Like noone else exist. And on Snaefellsness Peninsula you might feel this like nowhere else.



Are you planning a wedding at the Budir Black Church? If so, I sincerely recommend myself as a local wedding photographer in Iceland to capture this extraordinary wedding.


Budir Black Church, Iceland wedding 2019 / with and for Maciej Suwałowski

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