One day me and my granny were talking long, like we knew that we see each other for the last time. I looked around, seeing all the items, clothes and photos which she was bringing from every faraway adventure and I said: -It’s so wonderful that you had a chance to travel, you have so many beautiful memories.

She looked at me, like I said something funny: -Glad I have photos, I don’t remember shit!

My childhood smells like tobacco smoked from a pipe by my grandfather, in a room full of photos. I was sitting in a large velour armchair, wrapped in a blanket, with a globe on my lap. The routine for every Sunday.

On the table there was a glass bowl in which my grandfather was collecting negatives from our road trips across the country, films on which I, 6 years old, documented our every adventure. We would randomly develop one a month, bringing memories to life.

After that, I didn’t take any pictures for a long time. 25years later I made this childhood dream real, becoming wedding photographer in Iceland and traveling now across the world against all odds!


    Kaja Balejko is living in Reykjavik, Iceland. She is specializing in wedding reportage and elopements. Born and raised in a small town in Poland, done masters about life satisfaction of prisoners to quit her job after 10years and become a photographer. Believes that the world is too small, life is too short n there’s always good moment for whisky.

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