How to create beautiful memories, an Iceland winter photo shoot | FAQ


Seriously, Iceland winter photo shoot is a must!

If you’ve been dreaming of a winter wedding in one of the most spectacular and picturesque places on earth, then an Iceland winter photo shoot is the perfect way to make it come true. From the majestic glaciers and snow-capped mountains to the captivating Northern Lights and frozen waterfalls, Iceland offers a unique winter backdrop for your photos, whether you’re planning a pre-wedding photo shoot or a honeymoon session winter face of the island is sure to provide you with a stunning landscape that will make your photos stand out.

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It's cold in here - winter in Iceland

Winter in Iceland starts in November and continues through the next four months  and if you are looking to have a photo session in Iceland in winter, you need to make sure you know what the weather will be like before you go. Fortunately, there is a lot of information available about the weather in Iceland, and in this blog post I will help you prepare for a photo session in the country of fire and ice during winter.

Let’s start from basics. Iceland is located in the Northern Hemisphere, in the Atlantic Ocean. It has a reputation for having extreme weather conditions. Winter can be harsh, with temperatures dropping to -30 C (-22 F).

Good news is that in reality, from November til the end of March, temperature in Iceland usually oscillate around 5 C to -10, the bad news is that temperature is not an indicator itself as the wind dictates conditions. And those can be harsh.

Although the climate is generally mild, you must take into consideration that it can get windy, rainy, and cold. There are days when there is snow and there are those which are muddy or simply covered in ice. I will never forget my first month in Iceland: on arrival in 2017 February greet me with a total darkness at 5pm and with snow up to my knees just to wake me up day after with a harsh sun, bright sky and  perceptible temperature allowing me to wear just a tshirt! Few hours later there was no sign of snow as the strong wind blow away all. And yeah, 5pm darkness – daylight time is as limited as 4h in December and slightly longer in other months, so the perfect timing and good planning is crucial to use it to the fullest. Here comes in place a local Iceland wedding photographer and his wisdom <ekhm ekhm>.

Get ready for your winter photo session in Iceland

One of the most important things to remember about traveling to Iceland in winter is to dress for the conditions. Depending on what you plan to do, you will need to pack a few different types of clothing. These include gloves, hat, waterproof and windproof outer layers, thermal underwear, and a pair of warm winter boots, not necessarily hiking shoes, if you are not planning visit on the glaciers, but definitely advantage will be shoes which are water resistant. A pair of grips bought on a gas station for about 10$ will come in handy too. You will also want to bring along some sun protection.

For a wedding sessions a must do is thermoactive or wool underwear in a color of your skin or your dress/suit and a good boots-just regular casual winter shoes will work well. I personally highly recommend to buy before the photo shoot in winter in Iceland a hand warmers, foot warmers and warming plasters which you can place on your kidney area-it will raise the comfort significantly! Additionally you can also add to your total look a coat or a poncho which will match the style and keep you warm on some of the shots, otherwise we will simply jump in and out from the car, plan a tea time (coffee lover here) and get a wool blanket on board.

In case you might need medical assistance due to your personal health conditions please keep in mind to plan accordingly – there are remote areas where hospital is not in a close by distance and in the winter time it might not be accessible even with a helicopter services help. It’s always a good idea to mention that to your photographer so he can choose the scenic locations which will be safe and convenient for you.

Driving during Icelandic winter

If you decide to rent a car while you are in Iceland, make sure you have all the necessary safety features, which Iceland based people have in their trunks, when they plan to drive further:

  • small shovel
  • electric cable
  • bright clothing piece to make a flag in case you will get  stuck on a side of the road in snowstorm
  • power bank
  • window scraper
  • supply of snacks and water

The roads are not always cleared in the winter plus some can be closed for hours or days in a stormy conditions. Always follow the advice of authorities regarding safety on the roads as the cars are often here blown off the roads to the side, small cars and big trucks, jokes aside. When booking a photo session with my couples I always aim to keep in my calendar one extra date free during their stay, just in case if we are forced to reschedule. I advice also to book your stay with the option to cancel free of charge, as you might be in position where you have to change route or timeline of your trip and optional flexibility allows you to minimize stress.

PRO TIP: always check daily weather and road conditions on

Whether you’re planning an engagement photo shoot or a honeymoon photo shoot, Iceland’s natural beauty is sure to make your photo session an unforgettable experience or provide the perfect setting for your special day.

Honestly, booking a badass person who know all the perks of Icelandic winter and has a dope skills to drive in harsh conditions and ability to shoot while fighting with the wind and is time aware and responsible is a key. I will not sugar coat here, because your safety, health and comfort are on the scale, epic photo session YES, but to make it an epic experience you need a bit more than a good photographer. Now here is a story how cool I am. Seriously, just check.

You don’t know how or where to do a photo shoot in Iceland during winter time and that is why you have me.  I will be up to the moon if I can help you create an adventurous winter session in Iceland. Either you look for a spectacular locations, elegant high end touch to this raw experience, trusted vendors or a dope two person type of a naked butts party – here I go.

Hey there, my name is Kaja. I photograph the most amazing couples and their unique love, specializing in weddings and intimate elopements in Iceland.

I feel grateful that I can be a part of intimate and emotional personal journey of people, often through the years.