The Land Of Fire And Ice, Iceland | May&Lee


“Please help me build a small boat One that’ll ride on the flow

Where the river runs deep  And the larger fish creep

I‘m glad of what keeps me afloat” [Johnny Flynn & Laura Marling – The Water]


Some people who we are meeting are staying in our life not for longer than a blink of an eye, some are present in our reality every day for few weeks, months, years… People who are in permanent contact with us and those, with who fortune will not cross our roads for years. Those who will care, those who will not, those to whom you can knock in the middle of the  night after months of quietness, like you saw each other few days ago and those, who would like to be glued with you on super glue. People who will hurt you, people, who will be translucent and people who will bring you happiness. All of them have one thing in common: impact, which they do have on your life and it’s trajectories.  All of them have to fit within both a physical space and a moment of time. It’s essential.

Sometimes I am lucky saying “hello” to customers and when they are leaving I am lucky saying “good bye” to new friends. And whether it’s a wedding, elopement or just lifestyle photo session, whether we’re in Iceland or traveling to meet somewhere in the universe, we always have freedom to show who they are and how I see them, and we try to meet somewhere between.


[with and for Bettina Vass]

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