Photo session on Bali | Ayu & Ricky


Sometimes we are meeting people on our way, with who we are falling in love. Immediately. People who are surprising us with their passions, attitude, open hearts and way of life.

Some of them are like ghosts, disappearing quickly, some of them are staying forever. Both have an impact on our life and nothing ever stays the same.

Ayu and Ricky are couple of amazing, crazy people who are competing with custom made motorcycles and spending their days on two wheels, night is bringing Ricky on the stage, as a vocalist for a punk band. Destiny wanted us to just bump at each other on Bali. How cool is that? Bali gave me new friends, for who I’m grateful. Each of them different, each unique, each special.




Motorcycle: Outlast Motorfuckers, Bali

Venue: Gravy Kitchen and Steak, Bali