Reynisfjara - black sand beach


At the Reynisfjara Beach, famous black beach of Iceland, in both daylight and at the nighttime perception is unclear.

Blushes of sunset pink, blue shades on the skin, sun rays made of gold. Imperceptible.

Black beach island

Even though Iceland is a black beach island, Reynisfjara is on the list of every person visiting Iceland and black beach photos are an absolute must do for many.

Each year it is appearing on thousands of photos. No surprise,  it does looks mystical – rainy days, strong wind, fog covering up horizon, cliffs as a background and rocky wall along the ocean…

There is a magic in it. There is Icelandic charm. There is a strength of a nature seen and felt clearly.

Black beach photography, the dark side

This particular black sand beach gained attention of travelers from all over the world becoming also a Mekka for the photography enthusiasts and professional photographers who comes from all over the world to capture it’s beauty.

Black sand beach photography is not an easy task due to the weather conditions,  which are really harsh often, light and colors of the surrounding. But Reynisfjara black sand beach is also not a beach known by many, it is not a safe place to be, no matter how calm ocean may look like on a day when you visit and require a knowledge of the place and a knowledge of possible danger as it comes with high risk.

You may find online a photos of a people posing close by the ocean, sometimes even drone footage of them, laying down on the sand or a videos of waves which are not possible to run away from, or people who got stuck by the basalt columns while water took a strike. You may also find an information that this area of Iceland is infamous due to the Atlantic sneaker waves, a death cause of few in the last 10 years. It is a dark side of our southern coastline.

Reynisdrangar rocks hides a tale about the trolls who were turn into stone by the sun, while they rushed to the shore dragging another ship out of the ocean.

Wind carry birds, nestling in the basalt columns. Nearby Vik town is calling for the stay before another adventure, at Jokulsarlon and the Diamond Beach.

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Reynisfjara is often chosen as an elopement location. Hálsanefshellir cave, rocks with Dyrholay cliffs in the background or basalt columns are amazing place to say YES.   I will be up to the moon if I can help you create a memorable, absolutely unique elopement in Iceland. Either you look for a spectacular locations, experienced Iceland wedding photographer, trusted vendors or a dope two person type of a naked butts party – here I go.

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