Asatru Wedding In Iceland


When I saw you first time and I heard about your Asatru wedding plans I knew it’s going to be lot of fun. One week before your Icelandic wedding I went to greenhouse, where you planned to get married, to see if I can find it. I found not only wonderful, secret place, full of details chosen with precision by the owners, but I found out there that you two are spreading your charm on all people who you are meeting on your way and that’s how private greenhouse invited you and your friends to celebrate your love… 

And that’s how my excitement grew to explode at your ceremony!

There are so many amazing things about Icelandic, viking weddings – nordic wedding ceremonies, relaxed couples, cool wedding venues, but you just took it to the next level. Instead of wedding cake French fries, greeting British part of family with Icelandic traditional fermented shark and a shot of vodka called “black death”-Brennivin, dancing barefoot, having dresses and shoes in color of your national flags, games for family when we secretly run away for photo session and a singer, who wrote a song specially for your first dance…

The entire wedding ceremony followed the Viking tradition. If you are not on your way to a typical church wedding, Asatru is for you. If you having a Pagan elopement in Iceland sometimes its referred to as Ásatrú wedding. To illustrate, it is kind of wedding rituals that focuse on connection with nature, plus some Norse mythology, and Heathenry. Its one of scandinavian marriage traditions. To define Ásatrú is not as easy: There is the literal definition deriving from Icelandic “As” meaning the Æsir, which is one of the tribes of Gods in the Northern Pantheon. While “Tru” meaning faith and/or belief in. For some people its a religion for other beautiful Nordic tradition and local rituals that makes your wedding special & unique. 

In the Internet you can find great ideas for Asatru Nordic wedding ceremony. More about this viking style wedding – Asatru ceremony and rite of marriage hand fasting- you can read here.

Thank you for treating me like a friend. Þetta reddast!




I didn’t think that I could love the way I love you
Threw me off so many paths, helped me find my one at last
And I never seem to find any flaws around you 
So many words left say, there is no way that I can find 
So many words left to describe how happy I am that you’re mine
I can’t believe I got this chance, it is with you I get to dance



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