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I gathered for you the best Iceland wedding venues and I’m excited to hear what are your thoughts and if you have more ideas to share for Iceland wedding locations. You will find here locations which are not always typical choice for wedding in Iceland, but will leave your guests speechless! Whether you’re planning a traditional reception with speeches and 3 course meal, weekend of activities or you simply want to celebrate with the closest ones these locations and a few ideas how to use their potential are sure to wow your attendees.

If you are planning to elope in Iceland, or to skip celebration after the ceremony, my top places for that and a know how can be found in the ELOPEMENT GUIDE,  for those who are planning an intimate wedding reception afterwards or a full wedding party… here we go! Iceland wedding venues ideas.


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How to pick a wedding venue in Iceland like a PRO

Boring stuff first: how to choose wedding venue?

  • Set your budget for the venue, catering, service and decorations. It all goes hand in hand, as some places, even though their price will not match others, don’t require much effort regarding decor or offers attractive price for a 3 course dinner, some have staff and cleaning afterwards included in the rental, as well as dinnerware, while other charge extra or leave it all in your hands. There are places with the design which doesn’t need much – take a look not only if the whole impression align with your vision, but also pay attention to the tables, chairs, dinnerware, lighting. Time saving, stress free and eco-friendly solution worth to bump up the budget.


  • Make a guest list. Mark those, without who you can’t imagine to celebrate your wedding-that’s the plan B in case if you will not find a space which allows you to accommodate everyone from the main list. The list will also be necessary to consider venues which are in secluded places without the optional accommodations nearby, as you will have to plan transportation for your guests to and from the party (it is absolutely common practice in many countries to rent a bus which drives guests home around 11pm and 1am). If you found your dream venue far from the city it could be a good idea to skip the gifts and ask guests to book their own stay afterwards, thanks to that you can enjoy the space which you desire and fit to your budget.


  • Do it your way. Understanding of the wedding style and aesthetic that are true to your vibes is crucial. If you’re planning on Hollywood glam wedding in a Gatsby style then a rustic farm is not the place. If the two of you hate dancing and all you were dreaming of is a time with friends, who rarely can gather all in one place creating an experience, like outdoor drive in cinema or a pool party might be a way better idea than a  classic hotel ballroom. Speaking of vibes, what is more important for you – a venue or particular date?  I personally would advice to choose the season or a month which would be a perfect option for you, and once you will have a location chosen you can set the date of ceremony based on the availability of the space. This gives you wider options.


  • Ask questions. The only way for you to make a decision is to know everything you need to know. Here is a basic list which can give you some sense of direction:
  1. Time frame – how many hours ahead you can set up decorations, how many hours afterwards do you have to remove all, at what time can the party finish the latest?
  2. Is there a kitchen on site and if so, is the chef on board, or do you have to get catering delivery or hire a chef?
  3. Policies regarding rescheduling or cancellation.
  4. What services are included? From chairs to tables to linens, dinnerware, cleaning, bartender, make sure you ask for every tiny detail which add on to the budget if has to be purchased separately.
  5. How are bathrooms organized? Are they on site? How many? On which floor? Will they be cleaned during the party?
  6. Space arrangement. It is important to know if you will have to flip the space-some places are big enough to offer a room for tables and dance floor, other will require setting up musicians/DJ equipment during the chit chat break/group photos, etc.
  7. Management. I personally believe that it is worth to ask if there will be designated supervisor during the event, someone who will keep an eye on everything, overseeing the details. It’s adding on to a smooth service and exceptional experience of your guests.
  8. Availability.

When you choose a wedding venue in Iceland break the scheme and think outside the box

When you think of the best place to get married in Iceland as an Icelander your thoughts most likely jump to a standard option, like a banquet hall or public space that usually hosts weddings. What you probably haven’t considered, though, is that that there are multiple wedding venues in Iceland which are not a wedding venue on a daily basis and can add on to an exquisite experience without any extra effort and they can be as affordable!

The following selected venues are just a few worth to consider from the perspective of a wedding photographer and I hope this will simply motivate you to get out of the standard frames and open up for exciting times of planning the best party of your life!

My top10 wedding venues in Iceland

Hotel Búðir | Snaefelssnes Peninsula

Small, secluded oasis in the heart of Snaefellsness Peninsula. Right by the feet of a Black Church in Búðir is standing a charming hotel in a vintage style. Dog friendly, decorated with character, offering stunning view and certain feeling of home, Hotel Budir attracts couples from all over the world. Definitely one of many popular for wedding hotels in Iceland, but very dear to my heart.

You will find there accommodation providing 28 double rooms, bar with a small lounge area which can be used as a dance floor in the night, simple restaurant serving amazing food and allowing you to decorate the space as a blank canvas.

There is no photo session in the region for me  when I will not stop for a coffee and a few photos in the hotel itself and surrounding area. Tiny beach, rocky seashore, seals witnessing all, moss fields, small waterfall, whispering to your ears and the warmth of interior after a long day outdoors… There are no words to describe it all.

“There is romance in the air here at Hotel Búðir;  

Rugged landscape and charming atmosphere

the small black church in the backyard and delicatese from the restaurant”

“The hotel is situated right on the ocean front with a unique sandy white beach.  It is surrounded by a lava field with the magical Snaefellsjokull glacier in the background .

The power from the glacier can be felt everywhere and the dramatic landscape is the perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding. The ceremony can take place in the small and beautiful church next to the hotel, on the white sandy beach, on the moss in the middle of the lava field or just about anywhere you like.”

Mathús Garðabæjar | Gardabaer

Absolutely elegant, yet modern space with a Nordic twist. Design which allows you to skip any decorations if you wish and yet not lose the style nor the coziness.Just pop out a neon sign to make it Instagrammable and let your wedding hashtag to go viral!

The bar area will naturally force your guests to make a connection, chit chat and will create an opportunity to serve guests drinks whole night from behind making it an attraction. Great eatery right in the city, with easy access and multiple parking spots. You can’t skip it.

The food is in the Icelandic brasserie style with a twist of France and American flavors,

elegantly prepared by our skilled chefs, using the finest Icelandic ingredients.”

Friðheimar greenhouse | Reykholt

Unique experience bringing on mind Italian villages soaked in the sun… Hidden between the trees, surrounded by horses  glasshouses of Friðheimar became a must visit spot for tourists and local people, but not many knows that this amazing cousin from locally grown tomatoes can become a wedding theme!

“The theme of Friðheimar cuisine is tomatoes, in many different forms.

And that’s not surprising, as four different varieties of tomato are cultivated in the greenhouses

where lunch is served among the plants. “

Exclusive dinner party or a full on wedding reception with a DJ or live music, whil  greenhouse chef offers 3 course meal prepared from the most fresh ingredients purchased on a local market specially on that day and cooked in Friðheimar style. Skip the traditional celandic wedding food and make it fun. Just imagine your guests having on the tables cucumber salsa to accompany the soup and a basil plant that they can chop freshly for extra garnishing!

The greenhouse in Reykholt offers a seated option for up to 160 people. There is no possibility to decorate with your own flowers to protect plants, but the greenery there is a decoration itself, money saving!

At Friðheimar, we grow tomatoes all year round, despite Iceland’s long, dark winters,”

IÐNÓ | Reykjavik

In the center of Reykjavik, right by the pond, there is an event space which heart in beating with an Icelandic music rhythm. Idno is located in the old building, where on a daily basis you can drink your afternoon coffee and enjoy often times famous musicians on stage during the evenings.It is well known to all local people and loved by many.

“IÐNÓ is a place of curiosities. An attractive, accessible and inspiring place for ideas and stories.

The building combines in one place history, tradition and culture, dating all the way back to the year 1897.

IÐNÓ is a living monument of older and simpler times,

all the while being a modern rendezvous for people of all classes and ages.”

Their Grand space with a stage and the terrace with a view on the pond, can seat up to 120 people, while Sunnusalur, which is located on the top floor, can be a perfect space for a lounge area,  kids animations run by hired professional or a space where bride and groom can prepare to exchange their vows in the same location after, which in case of a bad weather can be a blessing!

Absolutely stunning venue which can be personalized with minimal effort. Perfect for a wild dance parties as well as classical dinners. The entryway can be a lounge area, it is also worth to consider to arrange the space as a chit-chat room with a finger food served, while bartender could be offering signature drinks from behind the bar, while the main room would be a big dance party, hosting up to 300 people.

“IÐNÓ has all the ingredients ready for your catering needs, whether that’s a lunch, finger food or a multiple course menu. Our magnificent in house catering team GÓMSÆTT will make sure your taste buds are in for a treat.”

Eyvindartunga | Laugarvatn

Laugarvatn has a raw space to offer for those who seek barn style venue. On a family owned sheep farm you will find an old building adopted for the event space. Two big rooms, one perfectly allowing to host around 120 seated people, second offering a big space to dance or create a lounge area. Kitchen allowing for heating up catering plus a bathrooms on site.

Two  glacier guides with love for adventurous people took the barn n made it a new challenge for themselves and for now-it looks like it’s working! There are constantly happening renovations, which are bringing so much new features that every time when I visit it is a new location, you can see how much heart and hard work they put on their IG account in highlighted stories.

Camp Boutique | Gaulverjabær & Original North | Vað

A night under the stars. Take your closest friends as you set up for a night under the stars at the luxurious tent hotel. Add blankets, telescopes, twinkle lights and boho décor, and don’t forget to provide hot baverages to keep guests warm cozy throughout the night.

Tents designed for Icelandic weather conditions.

Elegant and unique stay which is relatively laid-back option. Due to the limited space in the living room area it is recommended space mostly for the summer months, but what an amazing adventure would it be… With a service house where is located fully equipped kitchen and great bathroom facilities it is a camping in a glamour style. I can absolutely imagine boho theme or a multi colored  decor, which would provide a vibrant photo backdrop for attendees, like whole Iceland never seen before!

And it can last whole weekend!

Midhraun Lava Resort | Midhraun, Snæfellsnes peninsula

I woke up one day in the one of multiple cottages, while birds were singing behind the window and the river greet me from behind the trees. The old dog was friendly waving its tale while walking towards the sheep. This is the taste of home – i thought and head towards the lava fields, right behind the house.

Midhraun is one of those places where tradition is well mixed with modern features, it is constantly developing and its welcoming, open space allows you to feel the freedom, privacy and yet get the sense of belonging – probably due to the kindest staff ever creating amazing, relaxed atmosphere.

Family run cozy farm stay in the middle of Snaefellsness Peninsula is the experience which you want to serve to your loved ones. It is not only perfect venue for the reception party, as its spacious, modern restaurant with Icelandic vibes allows you to seat even 150people, but to enjoy the weekend and make the celebration last!

Restaurant itself is bookable for private events from 1st of Nov – 31st May. In high season can be booked only in the package with the accommodation, due to the comfort of all guests which for the owners seems to be top priority (amazing, right?). To the guests disposal Midhraun offers a geothermal baths – 4C and 41C.

Aurora Basecamp | Hafnarfjordur

What if I would tell you that you can held your wedding party in the wilderness of Reykjanes Peninsula, only 20minutes away from Reykjavik? What if I would tell you that stunning surroundings can be the main decoration of your event?

Aurora Basecamp can gather around 120 people (80 seated), warming you up  with a fireplaces while you dance in the middle of nowhere like noone is watching. Those surrealistic domes are the perfect fit for elegant, luxurious, glamorous receptions as well as fun, modern, unconventional setups.

Spend the night under the stars, grab some blankets and your closest friends. Organise a theme night full of laugh, cosmic vibes and warm wine.

Árbæjarsafn Museum | Reykjavik

Embrace traditional Icelandic life and serve your guests an exquisite experience.

Árbæjarsafn is an open air museum, where you can see traditional Icelandic houses, which have been relocated from the city center. It is truly charming tiny village, where kids can have fun outdoors – animals, vintage toys, playground and a big open space… can’t ask for more! But there is so much more!

This venue offers it’s own chapel to host your ceremony. Árbæjarsafnskirkja is over 100years old and can host up to 60 people, during your private ceremony. Museum has three historical buildings which can be booked for events to host your reception dinner.

iceland wedding venue

Bjórböðin | Dalvík


When you dig a little deeper into some of the unbelievable things you can do in Iceland, you realize it isn’t any ordinary country.”

Bjorbodin is a beer SPA in Dalvik with a restaurant from which there is a spectacular view over Hrísey island, mountains and Þorvalds valley, making it a perfect background for your wedding reception.

Set up a  lounge area on the site of an outdoor hot tubs (two, for 10 people each) – designating an after-party space will allow guests to transition from the reception dinner to the late-night soirée. You and your guests can enjoy relaxing  beer tubs (1-2 people each, 7 tubs available) if you wish, or the sauna. Collect memories!

Sitting on the cusp of the beautifully untouched and picturesque Eyjafjörður fjord provides the perfect setting”


The few mentioned above locations are just a cherry on top – remember that your venue should absolutely match your personality, style, taste and serve you and your guests.

Be creative and think outside the box, small wedding in Iceland can be arranged in a cool airbnb location with a heated pool, in the SkyLagoon or your garden. “Go big or go home” and it does not necessary mean that you have to spend a lot of money, there is so many absolutely amazing ideas on how to spend your reception… Who said that instead of a dance party you can’t rent a room in the cinema and play your favorite movie, serving guests drinks beforehand? “Snacks are even better when they’re portable” Martha Stewart says. How about a hike to the hot river and get a bath with the crew? Sail to Vestmannaeyjar, where one of your dates was? Make it personal. It is all about you!

There is so many more amazing venue in Iceland, which are not the first choice regardless it’s beauty. Sometimes you are not aware of it, often you think that this is not suitable for reception. I will be up to the moon if I can help you create a memorable, absolutely unique wedding party in Iceland. Either you look for a spectacular venue, experienced Iceland wedding photographer, trusted vendors or a dope two person type of a naked butts party – here I go.

Hey there, my name is Kaja. I photograph the most amazing couples and their unique love in Iceland and beyond, specializing in weddings and intimate elopements.

I feel grateful that I can be a part of intimate and emotional personal journey of people, often through the years.

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