Embracing the Wild - Iceland Glacier Elopement Wedding

For adventurers, wild souls, and seekers of unconventional love stories

There’s something about the idea of eloping, isn’t there? It’s about stripping away the noise, the expectations, and the frills, and focusing solely on what truly matters – the love. And when you add the rugged landscapes of Iceland into the mix, you’re in for an experience that transcends the ordinary and ventures into the realm of the extraordinary.

Iceland, with its dramatic waterfalls, majestic glaciers, and otherworldly landscapes, serves as the perfect backdrop for couples who dare to defy tradition and forge their own path. Here, amidst the raw beauty of nature, there’s an undeniable sense of freedom – freedom to be yourselves, to love fiercely, and to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Imagine exchanging vows on the black sands of Reynisfjara Beach, with the roaring waves as your witness. Or standing hand in hand atop a windswept cliff, overlooking the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Every corner of this land is imbued with a sense of wonder and adventure, making it the ultimate playground for wild hearts.

But eloping in Iceland isn’t just about breathtaking landscapes – it’s about the experience as a whole. It’s about embarking on a journey of discovery, both within yourselves and in the world around you. It’s about embracing the unknown, facing challenges together, and emerging stronger than ever before.

Where Icelandic glaciers whisper ancient tales

One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of eloping in Iceland is the opportunity to explore its glaciers. These ancient ice giants hold a certain mystique, a sense of timelessness that is both humbling and enchanting. Walking hand in hand across, you can’t help but feel a connection to something greater than yourselves – a connection to the very heart of nature and a fear of unknown.

With no guests to distract you, no timelines to adhere to, it’s just the two of you, fully present in the moment… Iceland’s glaciers offer a wealth of experiences for adventurers of all stripes, from heart-pounding thrills to soul-stirring moments of tranquility.

  • Embarking on a glacier hike. Guided by experienced mountaineers, you’ll strap on crampons and venture onto the ice, navigating crevasses, ice caves along the way. You’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, from snow-capped peaks to crystal-clear glacial lagoons and Ice Caves.
  • For the more adventurous souls, ice climbing offers an adrenaline-pumping way to explore Iceland’s glaciers up close. With ropes and ice axes in hand, you’ll ascend sheer ice walls, testing your strength and agility against the elements. It’s a challenging activity, to be sure, but the sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching the summit is unparalleled.
  • Leisurely pace-a guided glacier walk. Led by knowledgeable guides, these walks allow you to explore the glacier’s surface at a relaxed tempo, taking in the stunning ice formations and learning about the glacier’s geology and history along the way. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature and gain a deeper understanding of the forces that have shaped Iceland’s landscape over millennia.
  • Witnessing the Northern Lights dance across the night sky from the solitude of a glacier. Away from the light pollution of civilization, the stars shine brighter, and the auroras blaze with an otherworldly intensity. It’s a truly surreal experience, one that will stay with you long after you’ve returned home. Stay for the night on the glacier!
  • Boat tours or Kayaking on Jökulsárlón, unique perspective of the glacier lagoon, allowing you to glide among glistening icebergs while marveling at the surreal beauty of your surroundings.
  • Monster truck trips in Iceland take you on a rugged journey through the rugged terrain of the glacier, bouncing over ice and snow in a specially equipped vehicle that can handle the most challenging conditions with ease.
  • Snowmobiling-oh boy, would give it all to see your wedding attires under the winter overalls taken off after a ride!

One thing is for certain – a visit to Iceland’s glaciers is an experience you’ll never forget.

glacier katla

I photographed amazing elopements where during the marriage ceremony on a glacier couples had their whole closest families. Planned by Pink Iceland were a whole day adventures! Ice caves, monster trucks, sun, snow, spikes and helmets. The engagement was real.

iceland elopement glacier

Whether you’re cuddled up under the Northern Lights or sharing a quiet moment in a remote mountain hut, there’s an intimacy to eloping in Iceland that simply can’t be replicated elsewhere.

So, to all the wild souls out there dreaming of a love story that defies convention, I say this: embrace the wild. Embrace the untamed beauty of Iceland, the thrill of the unknown, and the sheer joy of being alive. Because in the end, it’s not about the size of the wedding or the extravagance of the celebration – it’s about the love you share and the memories you create along the way.

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Can you get married on a glacier in Iceland? Of course! And I will be pleased to capture this. I will be up to the moon if I can help you commemorate an adventurous glacier wedding or winter session in Iceland. Either you look for a spectacular locations, elegant high end touch to this raw experience, trusted vendors or a dope two person type of a naked butts party – here I go.

Hey there, my name is Kaja. I photograph the most amazing couples and their unique love, specializing in weddings and intimate elopements in Iceland.

I feel grateful that I can be a part of intimate and emotional personal journey of people, often through the years.