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Not another kids studio photos

OK, controversial opinion – I hate styled shots of kids. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about those sessions where you set up the room and discuss prior to the session clothing to be worn or you direct child while capturing images, if it comes with an attitude  to prioritize the children’s comfort and safety during the photo session, and allow them to be themselves while encouraging their natural expressions and interactions. Those ones are my absolutely favorite!

A lifestyle children’s photo session can be the best choice for several reasons:

  1. Authenticity: Lifestyle photography aims to capture genuine, unposed moments and emotions. It allows children to be themselves, showcasing their unique personalities and natural interactions. This approach results in more authentic and meaningful images that reflect their true selves.
  2. Emotional Connection: Lifestyle photography focuses on capturing the relationships and connections between family members. It goes beyond just capturing a child’s appearance and delves into capturing the love, joy, and bonds within the family. These emotional connections can create powerful and cherished photographs.
  3. Comfort and Familiarity: Lifestyle sessions take place in familiar environments, such as the child’s home or a favorite location, where they feel comfortable and at ease. This setting allows children to relax and engage in their usual activities, leading to more relaxed and genuine expressions.
  4. Storytelling: Lifestyle photography has a storytelling aspect, as it captures the child’s daily life and routines. It documents their interests, hobbies, and unique quirks, creating a narrative of their childhood. These images can evoke memories and tell a story for years to come.
  5. Longevity: Lifestyle photographs have a timeless quality to them. Rather than focusing on passing trends or elaborate props, the emphasis is on capturing the child’s essence and preserving those moments in a timeless manner. These images can be cherished for generations, as they depict the child’s genuine personality and the love shared within the family.
  6. Flexibility and Freedom: Lifestyle sessions allow for flexibility and adaptability. Children are not restricted to specific poses or settings but can move, play, and explore as they wish. This freedom enables the photographer to capture spontaneous and joyful moments, resulting in a diverse range of images.

Ultimately, the choice between different photography styles depends on personal preferences and the desired outcome. Lifestyle photography excels in capturing authenticity, emotions, and the child’s unique story, making it an excellent choice for those seeking natural and heartfelt images.

A Day In The Life - natural kids pictures

Another example of a lifestyle kids photo session is “A Day In The Life” family photo session. It is a type of reportage photography that aims to capture the ordinary, everyday moments of a family’s life. It involves spending a significant portion of the day with the family, documenting their routines, interactions, and activities in a candid and unposed manner. The goal is to tell a visual story of a typical day in their lives, preserving genuine and meaningful moments.

Here’s what a typical Day in the Life family photo session may involve:

  1. Pre-session Consultation: The photographer meets with the family before the session to discuss their routines, activities, and expectations. They get to know each family member and understand their dynamics to ensure the session captures their unique story.
  2. Session Planning: Based on the family’s preferences and schedule, the photographer determines the start and end times for the session. It could span from a few hours to a full day, capturing various activities and moments.
  3. Arrival and Introduction: The photographer arrives at the family’s home or designated location at the agreed-upon time. They introduce themselves, build rapport with the family members, and ensure everyone feels comfortable with their presence.
  4. Documenting Morning Routine: The photographer starts capturing the family’s morning routine, which may include waking up, preparing breakfast, getting dressed, and engaging in activities like reading, playing, or getting ready for school or work.
  5. Capturing Everyday Activities: Throughout the day, the photographer observes and captures the family’s everyday activities, such as meals, household chores, playtime, nap time, hobbies, outings, or family rituals. They aim to blend into the background and capture genuine moments without intervening or directing the family’s actions.
  6. Emphasizing Relationships: The photographer pays attention to the interactions and relationships between family members. They capture hugs, laughter, conversations, and tender moments that reflect the family’s love, connection, and dynamics.
  7. Outdoor Excursions (if applicable): If the family has planned any outdoor activities or outings, the photographer accompanies them to document those experiences. This could include visits to the park, playground, local attractions, or any other activities the family enjoys.
  8. Flexibility and Adaptability: The photographer remains flexible throughout the session, adapting to the family’s changing dynamics and activities. They may suggest certain activities or locations, but the emphasis is on capturing the family’s natural rhythm and routine.
  9. Wrapping up the Session: As the day comes to an end, the photographer ensures they have captured the desired moments and bids farewell to the family. They may briefly discuss the next steps, such as the delivery of the final images or any additional products the family has chosen.

The resulting photographs from A Day In The Life family session are a collection of candid, authentic, and storytelling images that depict the family’s unique story, relationships, and the beauty found in their everyday moments.

Above child portrait photographies were captured in collaboration with:

  • Mia Magic
  • Dimm
  • Hulan

Venue: Magnolia, KEX

Special thank you to  parents and their kids: Any Saithong, Gudfinna Birta, Thorunn Eva Tapa

I will be up to the moon if I can help you create natural, lifestyle children photo session in Reykjavík Iceland, that will become the most beautiful souvenir of childhood. Let’s create something special together!

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